We Are the Robots 1/50

I created this artwork in response to our favorite album by Kraftwerk.  As a family, “We Are the Robots” gets play more frequently than any other song in our house.  We frequently have dance parties while listening to our favorite Kraftwerk  music.  “We Are the Robots” is the beginning of a new series I am creating.  I plan on eventually using my new mDrawbot to create part of the drawings for this series.  All of the pieces are hand-drawn by me originally, but I envision my robot recreating the drawings, which I intend to manipulate with various other mediums.  This particular piece was created using pen, ink, markers, colored pencil, and spray paint; it’s mixed media.


The other reason I created this artwork was for Inspire Nyack.   “Inspire Nyack is a community-based, non-profit organization founded in 2007, whose goal is to help develop, implement and maintain educational excellence in the Nyack Public School system. Inspire Nyack strives to support creative learning opportunities for faculty and students K-12 in the Nyack schools through innovative educational programs.”  This particular piece will be auctioned off during the Casino Night tonight, March 5, 2016.

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