Perfect Imperfections

During the month of July, my artwork is hanging in Art Cafe.  This is seriously one of my favorite places in Nyack, and if you don’t go to see my artwork this month, you should go get some of their amazing food and one of their N’Orleans (or a cappuccino).


All of the artwork I created for this show was carefully crafted using found objects and materials.  Each of the frames were found in others’ garbage, and I decided I wanted to leave their imperfections apparent to show the age and character.   The book pages that were painted on were found in the streets of Boston several years ago when I resided there.  I love the texture and feel of vintage paper and ephemera, so I’ve recently begun incorporating it in my art.  And a couple of the pieces that were screen printed on wood were either pallets at one time or wood I found on the streets.  I hope you can appreciate these “perfect imperfections” as much as I can.  It has become an extension of my personal identity and a revelation of my true character.



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