Art Cafe Shirts



Prior to the holidays, I received an order from one of my favorite local businesses, Art Cafe.  I was asked to design an illustration and screen print more shirts than I had ever done in one batch.  There was a bit of a learning curve, as there is with everything new.  But I have found that I definitely find great joy in screen printing all orders (be it a large or a small order).  This is also my first two color print that I’ve ever done.  I definitely learned a lot about this process and hope to continue working like this more and more as I develop my skills.  So stay tuned for more work that I will soon be sharing of my screen printed goods.  And check out how great the staff looks in their new shirts at Art Cafe.  I was excited to see the barista, Homee sporting his new henley.  Thanks again for this opportunity, Art Cafe.  If you haven’t dropped in to this location and live remotely close, you absolutely need to stop by and order a cappuccino and any item from their menu (although a personal favorite is their egg and cheese pita special with hummus and a side of shakshooka).  Once again, I love this community and the local businesses!



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